Monday, January 19, 2015

Unable To Disable Windows 8 Proxy Setting

Unable To Disable Windows 8 Proxy Setting
Some how my PC virus and had pretty hard time to remove it. Finally I removed it but it set up a proxy which force to go to internet through proxy. I had very hard time not being able to remove proxy setting on my Windows 8 machine. Once I tried removing proxy setting, from Internet setting tools -> Internet Options ->> Connection -->> LAN setting and unchecking the proxy setting; it didn't help me at all. But new line on the Internet properties windows, I see, some settings are managed by your system administrator. I am login as administrator and I felt that option should not be there.

internet explorer didn't allow me to go to internet. I use crom and it also uses the system (IE ) proxy setting and could not by pass. But the good part is that Firefox has advance setting which allow to by pass the system proxy.

After some googling, I found a post here who also had same problem and it fixed my issue.
open your regiestry file and change the value of the proxy setting as follow.
click on start ->> run and type regedit -->> and go to following location.
CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
Once you click on Internet settings,  you will see ProxySettingsPerUser on the right Pane.
Double click on ProxySettingsPerUser and you will see a value on 0. Change the value to 1. You don't have to save or anything.
At the same time, open your internet explorer or crom and try to access the websites, yo should be able to access it.
Now, go back to your registry editor and save your current setting so that if you have any issue in the future, you can restore it.
click on file ->> export and specify the location where you want to same your registry back up file. save it with name_today's_date .
have fun !!!

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