Saturday, January 31, 2015

Redhat7 new features regarding Kernel

Dynamic kernel Patching

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 introduces kpatch, a dynamic "kernel patching utility", as a Technology Preview. kpatch allows users to manage a collection of binary kernel patches which can be used to dynamically patch the kernel without rebooting. Note that kpatch is supported to run on AMD64 and Intel 64 architectures only.

Swap Memory Compression

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 introduces a new feature, swap memory compression. Swap compression is performed through zswap, a thin back end for frontswap. Utilizing the swap memory compression technology ensures a significant I/O reduction and performance gains.

NUMA-Aware Scheduling and Memory Allocation

In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, the kernel automatically relocates processes and memory between NUMA nodes in the same system, in order to improve performance on systems with non-uniform memory access (NUMA).

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