Thursday, November 15, 2018

From Code to Package

Here is an basic steps that involve writing simple code and packaging code into software bundle.

1. Write simple code
- Write simple code first. Test it. Document it. and gradually add more code.

2. Save code on easyly accessible location
- If its a larger program, make it available to everyone in your group.

3. Compile the code
-  Once you write code, the code need to compile.

4. Review error and code
- If you find any error on code, fix it.

5. Perform unit test
- What that particular block code does, test it. Review the error.

6. Test the functionality
- Make sure verify what code need to do, and how it does after compiling the code.

7. Build a software package
- After installing, testing, validating the functionality of your code/software, bundle a software package for the operating system you intend to install. We will build RPM package.

8. Store on repository
- Store your software package on easily accessible locatin such as software repository.

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