Friday, December 13, 2019

Print a large PDF poster onto multiple smaller sheets of paper at home

How to print a PDF poster with large pages onto multiple smaller sheets of paper at home?

If you like to print a large poster pdf file, you can use professional software such as photoshop or Corel but Acrobat Reader also has a feature to print single page file into multiple pages and join them together.

1. Open your pdf file in Adobe Reader.

2. Click on File -> Print

3. On the print dialog box, there is an option called Poster under Page Sizing & Handling, click on it.

4. Under Poster, the page will be break down into small pages.

5. You can print a highlight part page or all the pages. Click on print to print all parts of the page.

6. If can print just one part of your poster by just zooming and resizing the windows just to make sure you want to print is right.

7. Click on More Options and click on Current View to print a single portion of the file.