Wednesday, March 27, 2019

AWS:- How to Create and Login to AWS OS Instance

How to Create and Login to Aws OS Instance

1. Click on Services   =>> Click on EC2 under compute
2. Click on Launch Instance
3. Click on Free Tier Only on the left hand side which only displays the OS instances
4. Select the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) you like.
5. Under Instance Type, select the t2.micro free tier eligible one. [ Redhat ]
6. Click configure Instance details
7. Under Configure Instance Details, leave as it is a click on Add storage from bottom right corner.
8. Do not add any storage, click on Next: Add Tags
9. On Add Tags page, look at the middle of the page, you will see Click to add a Name tag
10. On this key value pair section just type value as lxvm1 and click next
11. ssh is already enabled click on Review and Launch.
 12. Click on Launch, you will be prompting to select/create key pair.
13. Select create anew key pair and type the name of the key and save the key to your desktop
14. Click on launch and wait for another 4 minutes, server will be ready.

Login to AWS OS instancce.

1. Once you create an instance, click on the check box before the instance name.
2. Click on connect
3. You will get a link to connect,
ssh -i "mynewvm.pem"

4. Go to google and searcg for MobaXterm_Portable. Download on your desktop and open the application.
5. Copy the downloaded key to your drive. I kept it under e:\downloads\awskeys

 ➤ cd e:/
 ➤ cd dowloads
 ➤ cd awskeys/
 ➤ ls

6. Now, login to your Amazon OS instance. You wil be login without prompting for password.
 ➤ ssh -i "mynewvm.pem"

ec2-user@ip-172-31-25-98:~> sudo su -
ip-172-31-25-98:~ #

You will have 750 hrs free for new account, Once instance is created and lab part is completed, terminate it. Do not use delete, there will be charge on storage even instance is down.

To Terminate,
=> Go to Services  -==> EC2 Instances  ==> Select the instance you want to terminate.
==>  Go to Action  ==> Instance state  =>> Terminate.

It will warn you about termination, click on Yes Terminate.

You are good to go.

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