Friday, March 22, 2019

AWS: - Create S3 Bucket and upload file from PC

Create S3 Bucket and upload file from PC
1.    Login to AWS management console and click on Amazon S3.

2.    Click on Create Bucket
3.    Here, the name should be unique FNS-compliant name which must be unique across all existing bucket names in Amazon S3.

Fields are
Bucket Name: YYYYMMDDBucketname
Region: US East
Click next

4.    Under configure option tag your Bucket.

Here, you can click on create or Click next. I click next for more options.

5.    Click next and review the setting. If it looks good, click on create bucket

6.    Now, click on Bucket Name (do not click on check box)

7.    Click on upload to upload file to the bucket

8.    Click on Add files

9.    Select the file you want to upload.

10.                       File is successfully uploaded.
11.                       Now, Click on the file you just uploaded.
12.                       Click on Properties and review different options like versioning, server access logging, static website hosting, encryption and more. And click on Permission tab and go all the way bottom and click on Everyone. Everyone pops up and click on Read Object and click on save.

13.                       I got permission deny error.
14.                       Now go back to yor bucket and click on check box and click on Edit public access and remove all check boxes. Once its done go back to the promperies of the image and grant access to everyone.

15.                       Now, error is gone.  Go back to the bucket, and click on Image. On overview page you will see object URL, just copy it and paste on web browser, you should be able to see it.

16.                       If you want to delete the image, click on check box of the image, go to action and click on delete.

Cheers !!! You successfully created a S3 bucket and uploaded a file.

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