Thursday, June 8, 2017

Solaris - SPARC T7 Console login

SPARC T7 Console login
1. Plug  the power cords from the AC power source to the rear of the server.

2. Connect a device to the SER MGT port.

3. Connect a terminal or a terminal emulator (PC or workstation) to the server SER MGT port.

4. Configure a terminal or terminal emulator with these settings:

9600 baud
8 bits
No parity
1 Stop bit
No handshake

Note:  null modem configuration is needed, meaning the transmit and receive signals are reversed
(crossed over) for DTE to DTE communications. You can use the supplied RJ-45 crossover
adapters with a standard RJ-45 cable to achieve the null modem configuration.

5. Connect an Ethernet cable between the server's NET MGT port and
the network to which future connections to the SP and host will be made.

6. Connect an Ethernet cable between one of the server's NET ports and the
network to which the server will communicate.

7. Power on the System for the First Time

8. At the terminal device, log in to the SP.

login: root
Password: changeme


ILO default user name and password:-  root/changeme
[ -> is ILOM prompt ]

9. Power on the server using the command below
-> start /SYSTEM

If you want to stop the power on process, type #. (hash+DOT keys) and at the ILO prompt type
-> stop /SYS

10. To redirect host output to display on serial terminal device type
-> start /HOST/console

Some parameter change

From ILOM, set the OpenBoot auto-boot? parameter to false.
-> set /HOST/bootmode script="setenv auto-boot? false"

to reset the system from the ILO prompt
-> reset /SYS
-> start /HOST/console

At ok prompt
{0} ok help boot

Assign a Static IP Address to the NET MGT Port

1. Connect to the ILOM on the SP using the SER MGT port.
-> set /SP/network pendingipdiscovery=static
-> set /SP/network pendingipaddress=service-processor-IPaddr
-> set /SP/network pendingipgateway=gateway-IPaddr
-> set /SP/network pendingipnetmask=

Verify the parameters if set correctly.
-> show /SP/network -display properties

save the change
-> set /SP/network commitpending=true


SPARC M7 server console login info

Log In to the Active SP

While both terminals display ILOM login prompts, the terminal connected to the Active SP displays system

status messages while the ILOM firmware initializes.

login: root
Password: changeme

Confirm that you are connected to the Active SP.
-> show /SP/redundancy status

status = Active
If the command displays status = Standby, you are logged in to the Standby SP.

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