Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Solaris 10 - Fixing missing home directory issue

If your environment has autofs, this solution does not work. Check autofs related config file, your share and try to mount manually. On isolated environment, or LAB environment, if you forget to use -m option, home directory will not be created. To fix the issue, follow the steps below.

Missing home directory issue

When you login, you will see following error,

Could not chdir to home directory /export/home/bishal: No such file or directory

# mkdir /export/home/bishal
# id -a bishal
uid=100(bishal) gid=1(other) groups=1(other)
# cp -r /etc/skel/* /export/home/bishal/
# chown -R bishal:1 /export/home/bishal
# chmod 700 /export/home/bishal

Login as a root user directory on solaris 10

# vi /etc/ssh/sshd_conf
PermitRootLogin yes

# svcs -a | grep ssh
online          8:19:33 svc:/network/ssh:default
# svcadm restart  svc:/network/ssh:default

Relogin to your server

login as: root

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