Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1. Python3 - Hello world example

Introduction to Python

1. Go to https://repl.it/languages/python3 and start programming. Its an awesome place to get started.
2. Go to python.org and go to documentation
3. Click on tutorial and read and practice.

4. Once you have some familiarity with the content and the coding, you can install on your windows machine or use your Linux/UNIX.

5. Please note, by default on Unix/Linux, it comes with 2.x version, install 3.x and start practicing.
Here is the first example.

$ cat hello.py

print("Hello, World")
print("This is cool !!")
print("What can I do for you?")

6. Running on Linux/Unix systems

$ vi hellp.py
print("Hello, World !!!")

$ python3 help.py

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