Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Daily Check List for system administrator

Daily Check List for system administrator

1. Check your email and calendar
   - reply your mail right away
   - mark for important meetings

2. Check your ticket queue
   - find the urgency of the ticket.
   - priorotise the task

3. Make a list of servers with problems. Check log /var/adm/messages
    # tail -2000 /var/log/messages

4. Also check the following,

 a. Disk and Filesystem utilization issue
    # df -h
    # cd /mountpoint; du -sh *
    # iostat -En
    # iostat -Exn
    # zpool status
    # zfs list

 b. CPU utilization
    # w
    # prstat
    # vmstat
    # sar -u

 c. Memory utilization
    # prstat
    # vmstat
    # swap -s; swap -l
    # top -> if you have one installed. [check under /usr/sfw/bin]

 d. Network Statistics
    # netstat -rn
    # netstat -an
    # netstat -in
    # netstat -m

5. Once you are familar with the manual process, write all steps into a file and develop a script.
   - if your place allows emailing, put it on cron and send it through email
   - or use monitoring tools to check the status of your system.

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