Sunday, February 8, 2015

RH7- Installing JBOSS EAP on REHL 7

Installing JBOSS 6.3 EAP on REHL7

Download the package:,

1. Create following user and directory

# useradd jboss; passwd jboss
# mkdir /servers
# chown -R jboss:jboss /servers

2. Download and install (extract) java from oracle.

# mkdir /usr/java

3. Copy or extract your JBOSS on installation directory.
# mkdir /server/jboss-eap6; cd /server/jboss-eap6
# unzip

4. Set up user (jboss) profile.
# su - jboss
$ vi .bash_profile
SHIFT + G and type

export JAVA_HOME Jbin


5 Installing the JBOSS service
Go to EAP_HOME/bin/init.d directory and modify jboss-as.conf file as following

# General configuration for the init.d scripts,





6. Now, create a dir /etc/jboss-as and copy the config file above you just modified.
# mkdir /etc/jboss-as/
# cp jboss-as.conf /etc/jboss-as/
# cp /etc/init.d

7. Start the jboss service
# service jboss-as-standalone start
# ps -aef | grep jboss
# netstat -an | more

7. Now, go to the browser and check it.

You should be able to see the welcome screen.

8. Now, go to /servers/jboss-eap6/bin and run script. It will prompt you to add user. Go to Administration Console and enter the username and pw.

You can now, simply play around with different menus..

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