Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Creating loopback devices on Redhat

Creating loopback devices on Redhat

By default, system supports 8 loopback devices. If you have a requirement to mount more than 8 loopback devices such as ISO images, then you have to add extra devices.  You can have a maximum of 64 devices as on now.

You can try to test multiple loopback devices how many you can mount it.

# mount -o iso9696 /opt/file.iso /myiso1

if you want to create more devices, you can do so by using,
# mknod -m 0600 /dev/look9 b 7 9


You can create more,

for ((i=8;i<64;i++)); do
[ -e /dev/loop$i ] || mknod -m 0600 /dev/loop$i b 7 $i

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