Thursday, October 16, 2014

Device is unable to respond to the ping request.

Possible Causes
1. Hardware device might failed. (either network or server).
2. Cable between the network device and the hardware is broken.
3. Incorrect Network Address address assigned to the server.
4. Might be on wrong network.
5. Power Failure.
6. Issue with Device Firmware (Failure).
Possible Solution.
1. Try to ping the gateway.
2. Try to ping the other server on the network. (trace route)
3. If possible check power to device.
4. Find out if its a single isuse or issue on multiple server (global issue)
5. Verify status lights on device if possible.
6. Try to connect through the console.
7. Verify network address in device.
8. Check the logs.
9. Power cycle the device and recheck if everything comes clean.

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