Friday, December 4, 2020

Setup and Configure load balancer and proxy using HAProxy

Configure LB and proxy using haproxy

1. One server for load balancer
2. One or two servers for web servers

In my example I have three servers
Load Balancer: master  -
Web servers: worker1, worker2 -

1. On master server, Install haproxy - comes on RedHat DVD
# yum install haproxy
Note: There is no httpd process running on this host.
# rpm -qa httpd

2. Configure haproxy
[root@master ~]# vi /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg
do not modify global and default setting,
Directly go to 'frontend main' section
Here, change the port where you want your Load Balancer to run.
I will be using port 8080
I will be disabling firewall and selinux for this lab.
frontend main
    bind *:8080
go all the way down to section called 'backend app,
In this section, you will be adding all web server information.
backend app
    balance     roundrobin
    server w1 check
    server w2 check

3. Once config is changed, start the service
# systemctl start haproxy
# systemctl enable haproxy
# systemctl status haproxy

4. Now, go to your web server machines. 
a. In my case, its worker node 1 and node2
Install web server and start the service
# yum install httpd
# systemctl start httpd
# systemctl status httpd
# systemctl enable httpd
# systemctl stop firewalld

b. Create a index file
[root@worker1 html]# cat index.html
This is worker node1
[root@worker2 html]# cat index.html
This is Worker node2

5. Now, get the IP of your load balancer server.

You should be able to see the web site. if you refresh, you will see new page.
This proves that load balancer is working.

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