Saturday, July 25, 2020

Installing HPE foundation software on HPE Superdom Flex server

A. Console login to HPE Superdome Flex server
$ ssh administrator@superdome-rmc

RMC cli>

a. View partition configuration
RMC cli> show npar
RMC cli> show logs error

no error, go ahead and power on the system if its on power off mode
RMC cli> power on npar pnum=0

Connect to the system, once connected, you will be @OS login prompt
RMC cli> connect npar pnum=0

B. Installing HPE foundation software on HPE Superdom Flex server

1. Download the iso image form
2. Mount it
# mount -o loop hpe-foundation-2.3.1-cd1....iso /mnt/foundation

3. Create repo
# vi /etc/yum.repos.d/hpe-foun.repo

# yum clean all

4. Install/Update HPE Foundation software
# yum groupinstall "HPE Foundation Software"
# yum update "HPE Foundation Software"

Install/update DCD
For new install, the command above installs DCD and its dependencies automatically.
for update
# yum update storelib
# yum update hpe-dcd

Verify if new installation is completed
# rpm -qi hpe-dcd | grep -i version

# reboot the machine

Once system reaches EFI shell, at the RMC command window, type (you may not have to type it)
> power reset npar pnum=0

C. Troubleshooting
After reboot, system could not load some of the modules and two services didn't come up

# systemctl list-units --state=failed

Rebooted the system again, but still has problem. it wipe out the resolve.conf file. NetworkManager service was running but when tried to restart, it failed.

The weak modules kABI compatible, hwperf and numatools did not apprear under /lib/modules directory

Reinstall these two packages
# yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=hpe-foundation.2.3.1 reinstall kmod-hwperf.ko
# yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=hpe-foundation.2.3.1 reinstall kmod-numatools.ko

# cd /lib/modules
# find . -name hwperf.ko
# find . -name numatools

After reboot, everything is good.

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