Friday, May 3, 2019

AWS - Creating IAM user to Login to AWS management console

Creating IAM user to Login to AWS management console

1. Logint o AWS Management Console
2. Click on IAM under Security, Identity & Compliance
3. Click on Users on left pane
4. Click on Add User and specify the username
5. Specify the Access type:

You can have two type of access
a. Programmatic Access
b. AWS Management Console access

a. Programmatic Access
- You get whole lot of access with this type of access
- You can use CLI and other tools.
- When you create this type of account, make sure to save access ID and secret access key.
- As a normal user, select AWS console access

b. AWS Management Console access
- This is easy type of access
- This is only for web based, GUI based, click click level access.
- First time users, select this type of access.

6. Select AWS Management Console Access
7. Select Custom password and type your password on sonsole password option.
     Note the option - Require password reset.
8. Click Next to continue
9. On your new page, click on Create group
10. Under group name box, type the name of the group (say: webgrp) and attach a policy.
11. To attach a policy, there is search box but for us, we will be using AdninistratorAccess policy. Select it
12. Click on create group. Click next: Tags to tag
13. Click next: Review
14. inally click on create user
15. You will see a sucess windows. You will also see a link to login. Copy the link and go to browser and login with user name and password.
16. You should be able to login and access AWS console with full access.


Identity Access Management
- Centralized Access to AWS Account
- Shared Access to AWS Account
- Granular Permissions
- Identity Federation (AD, FB, Google, Linkedin)

Users, Groups, Role, Policy
- IAM Does not have region

Billing Alarm
- Your Account
- Billing dashboard

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