Friday, January 25, 2019

Python - Installing Python Practicing tools Eclipse, PyCharm

There are so many IDE tools available. On of the best on Windows machines are followings
1. Eclipse
2. PyCharm


1. Eclipse
Installing Eclipse IDE on Windows 10 for python3

Prerequisite task
a. Make sure you installed Python 3 on your system
b. Make sure you have enough disk space on your system.

a. Download Eclipse:
Go to official Eclipse website and download the software and download latest Eclipse IDE for Windows.

I downloaded Eclipse IDE 2018‑12

b. Install the software
- Double Click on downloaded file and choose: Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developer
- Select the directory C:\Eclipse2 as your installation directory.
- Just click accept and install it.

A. Installation of the PyDev plug-in for Eclipse

- Open your Eclipse
- Go to help -> Install New Software
- Type the URL in the Work with:  field
- And click on Add
- You have two options.
a. PyDev
2. PyDev Mylyn Integration
- Select the first one. 1. PyDev
- Click next/yes.OK/ Trust certificate and complete the installation.

B. Configuring PyDev
- On your Eclipse software, click on Windows and click on preferences
- From the lift side listings, Double click on PyDev and Double click on Interpreters
- Click on Python Interpreter and click on New
Interpreter Name: Python3
Interpreter Executable: C:\Python3\python3.exe (or Python Installed Location)

- Click OK. Verify and select the PATH and click ok.

Writing First Python Program on Eclipse

First Change the Perspective
- Click on Windows on your Eclipse
- Click on  Perspective  and point to open Perspective and Other
- Click on PyDev
- Now, Eclipse will restart

Once Eclipse is restarted,
- Click on File  and point to New and click on PyDev Project
- Type the name of the Project Name (Python-Practice)
- Click Finish
- Now, Right Click on Project Name => New => File
- Type the file Name as and click finish.
- Type the following lines

# Hello World on Python
print (“Hello, World !!!")

Now, Save the file and execute the program.

- To complete, type
- Ctrl+S to save the file
- Ctrl+B to Build the program
- Ctrl+F11 to execute the program

Review the output
You can add more lines to learn more.

2. There is another great tool called PyCharm, simply download and practice.

- Simply down and install it. So simple. Download the edu version which comes with example.
Superb tool !!!

3. Other tool to practice Python is to use the online verson of

Once of the great tool available online.

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