Saturday, January 7, 2017

Solaris10 - zfs mirror root disk split on zfs root

zfs mirror root disk split on zfs root

1. Mirror existing disk
# zpool attach rpool c0t2d0s0 c0t0d0s0

2. wait until syncing and split
# zpool split rpool rpool2

3. Import new pool
# zpool import rpool2

4. List your zfs filsystem
# zpool list

5. Install boot on second disk and set boot-device
# installboot /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Blade-100/lib/fs/zfs/bootblk /dev/rdsk/c0t2d0s0
# eeprom boot-device=disk2

6. Reboot and verify boot device at ok prompt and boot the system.
# sync;sync;sync
# init 0
ok printenv boot-device
boot-device = disk2
ok boot

7. Verify system is booted from splitted pool
# df -h
# zpool status
# zpool list

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