Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Solaris 10 - Send break on t-series servers from SP

System State - bringing system to ok prompt
To send system to ok prompt, perform the following.

1. From system shell prompt, use the commands shutdown or init 0
# init 0
# shutdown -y -i0 -g0

2. From system processor (the ILOM ->) prompt, type
-> set /HOST send_break_action=break

and login to console to go to ok prompt.
-> start /SP/console

If system is keep rebooting, set auto-boot to false.
From the ILOM -> prompt, type:
-> set /HOST/bootmode script=”setenv auto-boot? false”

and then reset the system.

-> reset /SYS
-> start /SP/console

If you have to power off your unresponsive system and need to power off, stop it from SP
-> Stop /SYS

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