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Sun Sparc Server console access procedure

SUN SPARC System Console access information


T-series servers t1000 and t2000 servers can be access through ALOM to get access to ok prompt. Even server is powered off, ALOM still run its firmwares which allow you to login and power on and off the system. The server comes with two ports called SER MGT and NET MGT. Ser MGT is used for serial connection while network management is used with console servers such as digi comsole (cisco, avacent) or similar products.

Here is the basic overview,
when you first time login, you will be prompted for pw. Please check for service manual for default username and password.

Please login:
Please Enter password:

Once you login, you will see sc prompt.


To connect to console, type consule and press enter.

sc> console

You should either at ok prompt or on the login prompt of the OS.


To go back to sc menu, type #., it will take you to sc prompt. and type exit to get out of sc prompt.

At any time, you can switch back to the system controller prompt from the OpenBoot prompt by typing the pound key (#) followed by the period (.) as follows:

To poweron or power off the OS, you can type poweron or poweroff on the sc prompt.

sc> poweron

Only one user can use console at rw mode. If you already have a user, you can use -f to gain control of the console.

sc> console –f

to go back to the sc prompt, type #.


Other t-series servers such as t3, t4, t5 and blade servers, you can use ILOM.

These servers are also come with SER MGT and the NET MGT. You can configure login in through the serial console or theough the console server.

Please login:
Enter a password:

Once you login, you will see -> prompt (-> service processor prompt).


To login to the console, you have to Start the system console

-> start /SP/console<cr>

Are you sure you want to start /SP/console (y/n)?

Once you type y, you will either be on OK prompt or on os login prompt.

To go back to system processor prompt, just type #.

To turn the power of the server, type

-> start /SYS

-> stop /SYS

/SYS is uppercase

Like ALOM, to login with write access if user is already logged on, you can forrce login.

-> start -force /SP/console

To login to M-series servers (M3k/M5K)



List configured domains on your physical system.
XSCF>showdomainstatus -a

Login to console on domain 0 or 00

XSCF> console –d 0
XSCF> console –d 00
XSCF> console –d0
Increment of domain is like 1 , 2, 3

To login to domain 1
XSCF> console –d 1

XSCF> console -p 0

Press the [Enter] key. Then, press the [#] (default value for the escape
symbol) and [.] (period) keys to move from the console to the XSCF shell.

{0} ok #

Note: M-series such as M3k/4K/5K do not support LDOM but M10 series do.

M10 series server console login

1. Execute the showdomainstatus command, and confirm that status is "OpenBoot Running".

XSCF# showdomainstatus -p 0
Logical Domain Name    Status
primary                OpenBoot Running

2. Execute the console command to connect to the console of the specified physical partition.

XSCF> console -p 0

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