Saturday, November 14, 2015

Windows:- Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10

I upgraded windows 7 to Windows 10. It took about about 3 hours to upgrade. I thought its going to be very slow. Finally, its completed and upon reboot, it was really slow. After clocking on Internet Explorer, I can go for coffee and comeback, its still loading. Super slow.

Finally, I decided to backout to windows 7. Here are the steps how I backout the system.

=> Click on start menu and click on Settings
=> Click on Update & Security 
=> There are couple of options here. You can reinstall Windows 10 or you can reset. 
Since I planned to go back to Windows 7, I click on Recovery.
=> You will see an option to Go back to Windows 7.
=> Click on Get started to go back to Windows 7.

Finally, I am happy with my old Windows 7. Its way faster than Windows 10.

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