Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CyberArk - Find password for a user

CyberArk is a password management tool which automatically manages and changes root password.

How to find failed accounts
1. Login to cyberArk
2. Click on accounts from drop down on the left.
3. From Operational Views click on Failed Accounts to find the number of failed accounts.

How to find password for a user
1. Once you login, find the host that you want to look for password for a user.
2. On the right side on search box, enter hostname and click on Go.
3. Click on the account from the result screen.
4. Click on show to see the password. Use this password to login to the system.
5. Once you used this password to login and your task is completed, you have to release it.
6. To release, click on Edit and click on Show Advanced Section at the bottom.
7. Next to the account name, you will see release, just click release to release the pw, so that CyberArk will manage the account.

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