Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Changing user's home directory permission

Note: its users home dir and owner is nobody
Do the following steps, it wont allow change on client
User home directory is owned by someone else. Changing permission is not allowed.
[root@aigunx225 ~]# ls -ld /home/weblogic
drwxr--r-- 2 nobody webgp 4096 Jun 21  2010 /home/weblogic

[root@aigunx225 ~]# chown -R weblogic:webgp /home/weblogic
chown: changing ownership of `/home/weblogic': Operation not permitted
restarted autofs still problem

Get the nfs share info
[root@aigunx225 ~]# df -h /home/weblogic
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                      200G  124G   77G  62% /home/weblogic

[root@aigunx225 ~]# id weblogic
uid=7253690(weblogic) gid=75154(webgp) groups=75154(webgp)

Mount same nas on homeserve01 or he2unx171 and then change the ownership.
On appserv02 server,
# mkdir /tmp/xyz
# mount aignas2:/vol/aignas512/appserv2 /tmp/xyz
# cd /tmp/xyz
# ls -ld weblogic
drwxr--r--   2 100325   webgp    4096 Jun 21  2010 weblogic
# chown -R weblogic:webgp weblogic
drwxr--r-- 2 weblogic webgp 4096 Jun 21  2010 /home/weblogic
Now, login to the client machine and verify.
[root@aigunx225 ~]# ls -ld /home/weblogic
drwxr--r-- 2 weblogic webgp 4096 Jun 21  2010 /home/weblogic
[root@aigunx225 ~]#

make sure umount the nas after your done your change
on appserv02,
# umount /tmp/xyz
# rmdir /tmp/xyz

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