Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Set up your lab with following information.

RHCSA certification preparation

1. Install VMware Virtual box on your system for the LAB.

2. Download CentOS and install 4 different instances of OS.

3. Set up YUM repo.

4. Create 4 groups, users, and have them proper group membership:

5. Create a shared directory and change the group ownership. Assign ACL.

6. Write a simple shell script that keeps the record of mounted filesystem at 1.01 AM everyday.

7. Set up and configure one of the VM to be as a LDAP server and rest as LDAP client.

8. Install, set up and Configure autofs for user home directory mounted from LDAP server.

9. Configure your system to sync the time with LDAP server.

10 Configure the FTP Server for anonymous Download

11. Create a LVM ext4 filesystem of 2B and Resize the lvm to 500M that mounted at /home

12. Create a swap partition of 2GB and make it available upon reboot.

16. Create a vg myvg with PE size of 16MB and LV of mylv with the size of 50 PE  LV should have vfat filesystem & mount it on /mnt/lvm directory.

17. Configure Web Server

17. Find files created by a user harry and copy it into a /root/findfile directory.

18. Find a string "root" from a file /etc/passwd and copy that string in a /root/testfile file.

19. Create user manato with user ID 2233

20 Install the appropriate kernel update from ftp://sam.expanor.local. 

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