Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Set up LDAP client and autofs

 LDAP - Light Weight Directory Access Protocol

Package Name:  Directory Client and openldap-clients

a. It provides centralized authentication for user
b. It uses TCP/IP Port 389
c. Service it starts is: sssd

How to set up client
Note: Make sure to set up yum repo.

# yum groupinstall "Directory Client" -y
# yum install openldap-clients -y
# authconfig-gtk (GUI)
  ldap :// sama.expanor.local
  Certificate: http://sama.expanor.local/yum/CA/ca.crt
  Auth : LDAP Password
# chkconf sssd on
# ldapsearch -x -ZZ        -    to search for LDAP users
# getent passwd ldapuser       - to get details of LDAP user
# su - ldapuser10            - Switch to LDAP user

Set up autofs

# yum install autofs -y
# vi /etc/auto.master
  Insert mode
  /lhome    /etc/auto.ldap       

Note: /lhome=predefined directory avilable in LDAP server

# vi /etc/auto.ldap
  ldapuser    -rw
  *        -rw          
Note: & at the end mean to share everything in /lhomedirectory

Restart the autofs
# service autofs stop
# service autofs start
# chkconf autofs on

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