Friday, January 4, 2013

Centos/Redhat installation using NetInstall 6

CentOS NetInstall 6

Download netinstall

you should be able to google and find the download location or go to centos site and find the mirror page and download on your local system. I used it on vmware and was able to use 64 bit to install 32 bit redhat 6.3 as well as centos 6.3. Either you can use centos iso image directly and boot off of it and on grub menu press tab and enter the following entries.
for eg,

linux repo= resolution=800x600 ip= netmask=
gateway= dns1=
If you are following netinstall iso image, boot off this image and just follow the prompt. Keep following the prompt and you will be prompted for the installation method with options: cd/hard disk/nfs/http. Based on your setup and the requirement, choose the supply the required values.

the best choice is to copy the http or ftp location from the mirror site and simply put it here and run it.

Once you enter the values and click on, you should be able to see Retriving /install.img .. with some percentage...

now, just follow the prompt.
its that simple ...

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